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Implant Eblast Headers Ends Nov 15 2020

Dental Implants Are Life Changing!

Dental implants can genuinely be life-changing! If you’re missing a tooth, your other teeth are essentially working overtime, doing twice as much work as they’re designed to. The extra stress on your remaining teeth can wear them out and lead to additional dental work. If you’re missing a tooth, implants can improve and restore the esthetics you once had. With implants you’ll never have to hide your smile or ill-fitting dentures again! And the procedure? Simple. Using the latest 3D scanning and x-ray technologies, Dr.’s Shepherd and Greaves have placed thousands of dental implants. Our patients are consistently surprised and delighted with just how easy their implant process is. At this price and with no down time – now is the time to get the healthy smile you deserve!

Think of dental implants as an investment.

With proper care, implants can last a lifetime. This makes them less expensive in the long-term compared to other treatment options that may need to be replaced several times, like dentures or bridges

Ready to get your dream smile? Take advantage of our $999 implant placement offer now!

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