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7 Flossing Facts

When a dentist mentions brushing every day, not far behind they mention flossing too. Why is flossing so important? Does it really make a difference? Here are 7 flossing facts sure to give you the inside scoop on what makes flossing so great! 1. Not All Floss Is The...

5 Ways Drinks Impact Oral Health

When we think of dental health, we think of what we eat, how we clean our teeth, but how often do we consider what we drink? Here are 5 ways drinks impact oral health, and how you can support good dental health by being smart about what we drink. 1. Acid is not your...

Candy and Your Teeth

We all know how damaging foods high in sugar can be to our enamel, but what about candy and your teeth? What kinds of candy are healthier? What kinds of candy are more harmful? How can you indulge in your sweet tooth and avoid feeling guilty about what you choose?...
7 Ways to Relieve A Toothache At Home

7 Ways to Relieve A Toothache At Home

As we all find a new normal during the COVID-19 Pandemic, many things are not quite the same as they have always been. Dental care is no exception, and there may be instances where you are advised to relieve a toothache at home for a brief time. So what can you do? 1....


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